CPM Brings Putative Class Action Against Best Buy Over Misstated Battery Life (Herron v. Best Buy)


When manufacturers tout product attributes that are misleading they need to be held accountable. CPM has joined with co-counsel in bringing a putative class action against Best Buy over misstated battery life in laptops, which has led to consumers experiencing drastically lower battery life (measured in hours) over what was advertised in stores and in newspaper circulars. As alleged, a number of major laptop manufactures, including Toshiba, marketed and sold laptop computers through Best Buy by claiming that the laptops had battery life “up to” specified numbers of hours but failed to disclose to consumers that the battery life numbers being touted were based on testing that involved far from real life use conditions (including: (i) screen set to 60 nits; (ii) Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other wireless functions disabled; and (iii) main processor chip set to 5% to 7.5% of its normal capacity). This case is handled by Niall McCarthy, Anne Marie Murphy, and Shauna Madison.

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