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Justin Berger Discusses the "Billion-Dollar Back Surgery Scam"

Niall McCarthy Discusses Oroville Dam Lawsuit with CBS13

Justin Berger Discusses the Marinello Case on Whistleblower (CBS)

Press Conference on Cal Fire Report & PG&E Negligence

Frank Pitre Receives the 2018 Lifetime Legal Achievement Award

San Mateo jury awards former MLB pitcher $2.3M

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Attorneys of sinking Millennium Tower condo owners say proposal to fix problem is not a solution

Pete McCloskey Sees Glimmer of Hope as North Korea and South Korea Unite for Olympics

Palo Alto VA Lawsuit

Oroville Dam Spillway Aftermath: Claim Filed Against The State

Frank Pitre & Alison Cordova Discuss Kate Steinle Lawsuit with CNN

Unaccounted For: Hundreds of Guns Lost or Stolen From Bay Area Police Agencies Since 2010

NBC Bay Area Coverage of the VW Recall Lawsuit

ABC 7 News Coverage of the VW Recall Lawsuit

Frank Pitre Speaks with Anderson Cooper re: Steinle Case

Niall McCarthy Interviewed by NBC Bay Area re: Berkeley Balcony Collapse

KTVU Coverage of Prawn Slave Labor Lawsuit

Bloomberg Radio Interviews Niall McCarthy re: Prawn Slave Case

NPR Piece on Counterfeit Surgical Hardware

2014 CAOC Attorney of the Year Finalist Mark Molumphy

Robert Hutchinson Interviewed for Counterfeit Screws Lawsuit (KCAL)

2013 Trial Lawyers of the Year - Lead Paint

2013 Trial Lawyer of the Year Finalist - Toyota

Joe Cotchett Speaks About Martins Beach Trial (NBC Bay Area)

People vs. Atlantic Ritchfield

Frank Pitre 2013 Consumer Attorney of the Year

Justin Berger Discusses Fake Medical Equipment Scandal (NBC SoCal)

Justin Berger Discussing Calderon Healthcare Fraud (NBC Los Angeles)

Seniors Sue Retirement Home Over Misuse of Funds (KTVU)

Judge Orders Paint Companies to Pay California Cities $1.1 Billion (NBC Bay Area)

Can Banks Be Held Liable For Ponzi Schemes

SFO Plance Crash Survivors File Lawsuit Against Asiana, Boeing (NBC Bay Area)

12 Victims Sue Asiana, Boeing for SFO Plane Crash (ABC News)

SFO - Flight 214 Lawsuit Names Boeing, Asiana as Defendants (KTVU)

Richmond Files Lawsuit Against Chevron Over August 2012 Refinery Explosion

Niall McCarthy Discusses California Courts in Crisis on NBC

Anne Marie Murphy Discusses "The Conservative War on Consumer Protections"

Frank Pitre Discusses Seatbelt Safety on Airlines with NBC

Frank Pitre Discusses Asiana Crash with ABC

ABC& News Coverage of Lawsuit Filed Against MLB

Joe Cotchett on Ring of Fire Discussing "Political Polarization is Toxic"

Niall McCarthy on Ring of Fire Discussing "The GOP's New America"

Joe Cotchett on Ring of Fire Discussing "The American Plutocracy"

Joe Cotchett on Ring of Fire Discussing Trade Deals Giving Corporations Unbridled Power

Eric Buescher interviewed by KPIX on lawsuit to re-open Martin’s Beach

Matt Edling Interviewed For MF Global Filing

Joe Cotchett on Ring of Fire Discussing American Labor Unions

ABC KFSN-TV news interviews Ara Jabagchourian

Fox News Interviews Mark Molumphy on MF Global Lawsuit

Profiles of Excellence featured Niall McCarthy

Joe Cotchett on Ring of Fire Discussing Big Pharma

Niall McCarthy and Justin Berger speak about helping taxpayers by exposing Medi-Cal fraud

Frank Pitre and Ara Jabagchourian speak about Mazurek v. American Medical Response

Consumer Watchdog gave Joseph W. Cotchett a lifetime achievement award.

Philip L. Gregory interviewed on ClimateOne, September 14, 2011.

ABC KFSN News interviews Ara R. Jabagchourian

National Association of Corporate Directors, Silicon Valley Chapter, interviews Nancy L. Fineman about the Bernie Madoff fraud.

CBS News' The Early Show news report on Bernie Madoff interviews Joseph W. Cotchett and Nancy L. Fineman

Niall P. McCarthy featured in a news clip about nursing home issues. KTVU, aired in July 2006.

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Consumers taking on credit card companies