CPM Helps Couple to Sue Carnival Corporation and plc & Princess Cruise Lines for Allegedly Covering Up Coronavirus as Influenza


Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy, LLP has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Peter and Grace Nahm of New York against Carnival Corporation & plc and Princess Cruise Lines, after they boarded the Coral Princess on a South American cruise, where they both contracted COVID-19, only to find themselves sick onboard for days and, as alleged, deliberately ignored by the medical staff. 

As alleged in the complaint, from March 5 to 19, 2020, the Nahms planned to join 62 friends for their annual reunion on the Coral Princess.  Two weeks before departure, however, defendants cancelled boarding for 48 of their friends coming from South Korea but declined the Nahms’ efforts to cancel without forfeiting their payments, so the Nahms boarded in Argentina on March 5, but by the ninth day, the Coral Princess was denied anchor at the scheduled ports of call due to the pandemic.  Meanwhile, passengers were falling ill but defendants insisted it was only an influenza outbreak.  After the Nahms became ill they were told it was the flu, but by April 1 it was clear, they had COVID-19.  When they weren’t getting aid onboard, they posted a video on social media to plea for help.  Days’ later, when defendants’ nurse finally came to their room, the Nahms’ objected to being separated, and defendants’ nurse threatened that they would not get any further aid unless Mr. Nahm relocated, which he refused to do without his wife.  The Nahms were ignored for days.  After their conditions deteriorated, it took the Nahm’s son pleading on social media to get Mrs. Nahm to the hospital, and she made it home alone after 36 days.  Mr. Nahm was also hospitalized and did not arrive home until 72 days after they departed on the voyage from hell.

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