CPM Investigating Doxo Billing Service Fraud


CPM is investigating allegations that Washington-based Fintech company Doxo is tricking consumers into paying bills using their service, which is not affiliated with the companies whose bills are being paid. Doxo deceptively and using biller logos and “Dark Patterns” charges consumers junk fees to pay their bills and signs consumers up for subscription services that they don’t need and never wanted. In many instances, Doxo pays millions of dollars to search engines to have their deceptive bill payment sites placed higher in search results than the actual bill payment websites that allow consumers to pay their bills without any junk fees tacked on.  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), based upon its own independent investigation following tens of thousands of complaints, have filed a lawsuit against Doxo for violations of federal law.

But the FTC lawsuit will not force Doxo to refund to consumers the hundreds of millions of dollars in junk fees and unwanted subscriptions. CPM’s team of fraud-busting lawyers aim to do exactly that.

If you have been charged one or more junk fees by Doxo, we want to hear from you.  Call us at (206) 802-1272 or Email Doxofraud@cpmlegal.com.

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