Hundreds of people had their homes ravaged and lives destroyed by the North Bay Fires that started on October 8, 2017. Those victims sought legal representation to investigate whether PG&E was at fault for the fires and if so, to recover for their losses and hardship. The insurance companies have followed suit and filed against PG&E as well. The lawsuits were coordinated together in San Francisco Superior Court, and Frank Pitre and Mike Kelly, both from our legal team, were chosen as Co-Lead Counsel to represent the interests of all individual plaintiffs before the court in regard to liability.

We have learned that PG&E is quietly working at the State Capitol to change California’s liability laws — to shield itself from any financial liability if the company is ever found negligent for any fires.

We need your help to stop PG&E. We ask for two actions.

One, call your legislators!!!

Two, join the citizen-action group “Up from the Ashes”!!!

To call your legislators, go to, click on “take action now” and start dialing! Tell your legislators you do not want PG&E to dodge responsibility. Here are some suggested talking points…I understand PG&E is attempting to change the law so that utilities are immune from wildfire lawsuits…PG&E is a six time felon that has repeatedly killed people due to a failure to properly maintain their infrastructure. At the same time, its showers its executives with millions in bonuses. Do not let corporate greed win…If a utility causes a wildfire that destroys people’s homes and lives, they should be held responsible under the law – just like everyone else.       

To join “Up from the Ashes,” simply visit and go to the “join us” page. Membership is free, and as a member you’ll receive important legislative updates, “take action” notices, and information on how you can help defend against PG&E’s efforts to escape responsibility at your expense.

Thank you ahead of time for your efforts. Together, you and other fire victims will be a powerful force against PG&E’s maneuvering.  

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