Northern California couple sues Samsung after claiming cellphone bursts into flames

October 20, 2016
KRON 4 News

A Northern California couple is suing Samsung after claiming their cellphone burst into flames this summer.

The phone in this incident is not the one covered by the recall, and the victims’ lawyer claims there have been other similar problems with several different Samsung models, according to KRON4’s Maureen Kelly.

“The problem with the Samsung phones is not just limited to the 7, the 7 is just the tip of the iceberg,” the plaintiffs’ lawyer Frank Pitre said.

The burned smartphone is said to be a Galaxy S6 Active. It is a different model than the Note 7 that’s been the subject of a massive recall because of reports of the phones overheating and setting fires.

The smartphone, that has prompted the lawsuit filed on Wednesday, allegedly exploded inside an Amador County man’s home at 2 a.m. on Aug. 2.

“He awoke to the sound of what he thought was a gunshot, looked over to his dresser, and found his phone on fire,” Pitre said. “He was asleep at the time with his wife and his 7-month-old son, in their home, and he ran fearing that the house would catch fire, and his family would be harmed, grabbed the phone and burned his hand.”

The couple’s lawyer said the man suffered first and second-degree burns on his hand.

The lawsuit lists more than 35 other complaints about other earlier models of Samsung cellphones, tablets, and accessories left at the Consumer Product Safety Commission from other consumers who have complained about devices overheating, catching fire, or even exploding. Some of the complaints date back to 2011.

In addition to damages for their clients, the attorneys filing the suit believe the recall should be widened.

“A recall of the 7 doesn’t go far enough,” Pitre said. “Someone needs to take a serious look at these prior phones. Someone needs to assure the consuming public that the phones that aren’t 7’s that are still out there that are being used do not present a danger to consumers.”... (To read the entire article, please click HERE)