Lawsuit: Vietnam veteran left unattended, dies at Palo Alto VA hospital

May 15, 2017

A 72-year-old Vietnam veteran died earlier this month while at Palo Alto Veterans Administration hospital and was neglected according to a lawsuit. 

Douglas Ross died on May 5 from a traumatic head injury suffered while he was a patient at the Palo Alto VA., according to Cotchett, Pirte & McCarthy LLP, the law firm who filed the suit.

Lawyers say the VA knew of Mr. Ross' fragile condition due to a recent surgery he had undergone and that he was at risk for falls. 

The neglect cited in leading to Ross' death includes him being left alone in a chair for almost an hour when he experienced post-surgery cardiac arrest.

Ross was said to be on multiple feeding tubes, had a gangrenous right foot, from lack of circulation, and was dependent on staff for all basic tasks, including standing and eating.

Cotchett, Prte & McCarthy argue the man's death certificate says the cause was a "closed head injury" and that the incident stemming from a fall wasn't witnessed.

"Despite acknowledging the fall, the VA inexplicably continues to deny any responsibility," lawyers said in a statement to media on Monday... (To read the entire article, please click HERE)