Lawsuit Filed Against Dr. Dre and Beats Electronics

January 6, 2015

Monster, LLC and Head Monster, Noel Lee, brought a lawsuit alleging fraud against Beats Electronics, rapper and record producer Andre Young, a/k/a Dr. Dre, and music mogul Jimmy Iovine, among other defendants.  Monster and Lee invented the break-through technology behind the “Beats By Dr. Dre” headphones.  The action, filed today in San Mateo County Superior Court claims the Defendants’ scheme involved pirating the “Beats By Dr. Dre” line of headphones from Lee and Monster.  The Complaint alleges that, other than his celebrity status as a rapper, Dr. Dre’s primary contribution was to bless Monster’s headphones when he exclaimed: “That’s the shit!”

The Complaint also asserts Defendants attempted to re-write history by: concealing the roles of Monster and Lee in designing and engineering the critically acclaimed “Beats By Dr. Dre” line; covering up the fact that Monster and Lee educated Beats, Iovine, and Dre about engineering, manufacturing, distributing, and selling the headphones that Monster and Lee invented; and hiding that Monster leveraged all of its domestic and global distribution and retail relationships to make the “Beats By Dr. Dre” line a huge success.  The Complaint states that, after Defendants improperly took control of the “Beats By Dr. Dre” products, they severed all ties with Monster and Lee and then sold the Beats brand to Apple for $3.2 billion.  As alleged in the Complaint, Defendants made millions off the work of Monster and Lee, while the Plaintiffs lost millions.

The complaint can be found by clicking on the link below.  To view the exhibits, please click on the following links: Exhibits 1-15  Exhibits 16-33

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