Jury awards $2.3 million to former MLB pitcher

March 20, 2018
Half Moon Bay Review

A San Mateo County jury has awarded a $2.3 million verdict to a former Major League Baseball pitcher injured while trying to protect his Ocean Colony home in 2015.

The verdict, delivered on Monday, found Dominic Pintarelli and Connor Pope negligent in the incident that left former big-league ballplayer Greg Reynolds with a broken pitching hand.

The incident occurred on Jan. 16, 2015, on the 300 block of Eagle Trace Drive in Half Moon Bay. On that day, according to court documents, Pintarelli, Pope and two others took LSD at the Pope residence. Afterward, Pintarelli behaved erratically. Witnesses said he took off his clothes, was screaming at bystanders and tried to knock down a mailbox in front of one home.

Reynolds reportedly approached Pintarelli, a recent Half Moon Bay High School graduate, and asked if he needed assistance. Pintarelli attacked the former pro athlete, who retreated into his home. Pintarelli continued to throw himself against the Reynolds front door and eventually Reynolds opened the door and punched Pintarelli, knocking the young man into the bushes. The blow fractured Reynolds' knuckles, according to county prosecutors.

San Mateo County Sheriff's deputies responded to the disturbance and used a Taser to subdue Pintarelli, who was later convicted of felony assault.

"(Pope and Pintarelli) were rolling the dice with the safety of their neighbors," said Reynolds' attorney, Niall P. McCarthy.

Reynolds, a former Stanford student-athlete, had played for the Cincinnati Reds in 2013 and professionally in Japan in 2014. Reynolds testified that he was unable to continue his career in baseball after the injuries suffered in the assault.

The jury in the civil case found Pope negligent for providing the venue for the drug-laced party and Pintarelli primarily responsible for Reynolds injuries. McCarthy said on Tuesday he expected the judgment to be paid by homeowners insurance purchased by Pope's parents... (To read the entire article, please click HERE)