Fortune Tellers Sued For Elder Abuse

Defendants Allegedly Scammed A 73-Year-Old Widow Out Of The Home She Owned And Lived In For Forty Years

73-year-old Victoria Nelson filed a lawsuit against self-purported “psychics” Tammy Adams and Michelle Marks, and their co-conspirators. As alleged in the complaint, Tammy Adams and Michelle Marks claim to be fortune tellers, psychic readers, and spiritual and financial advisors who orchestrated and carried out a seven-month scheme to defraud Mrs. Nelson, a 73-year-old widow and school teacher, out of the Los Gatos home she owned and lived in for forty years.

The suit alleges that Adams and Marks took title to her house, as well as her household possessions, her family mementos, including those related to her late husband, and substantial sums of money from her bank account.          

“This case sheds light on financial predators who make a living off of scamming the elderly—as alleged in the complaint, Tammy Adams and members of her crime family quickly seized on Mrs. Nelson as a target and used an elaborate scam to make her fear for her life to the point that she was conned into handing over her debt-free Los Gatos home,” says Anne Marie Murphy, one of the lawyers representing Victoria Nelson.

As alleged, through fraud and deception, the defendants convinced Mrs. Nelson the government was going to take her home and that her life was in danger. Through these statements, the defendants persuaded Mrs. Nelson that she needed to transfer her home to Adams and go into hiding. Adams promised to help Mrs. Nelson find a replacement home in Mount Shasta. Instead, Adams took Mrs. Nelson to an empty house in Sacramento and left her there alone for six weeks. During those six weeks, Mrs. Nelson was forced to sleep on a stained mattress thrown on the floor with no sheets. Mrs. Nelson’s niece eventually located her aunt and rescued her from the Sacramento house. Mrs. Nelson is now without a home.     

According to Emanuel B. Townsend, another attorney representing Mrs. Nelson:

“What was done to Mrs. Nelson is sickening and cannot be tolerated.  When individuals prey on the most vulnerable members of our society, they must be brought to justice. We are going to do everything we can to help Mrs. Nelson put her life back together and hold the defendants accountable.”   

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