Video: 97-year-old woman evicted from Burlingame home after six decades

February 22, 2016
KRON 4 News

There is growing outrage in Burlingame Monday night over the eviction of a 97-year-old grandmother.

A white picket fence and green ivy surround this quiet cottage in Burlingame.

The tenant here has nurtured this garden for more than sixty years.

“I work my tail end and just loved it, getting in there and dig, plant, and see them grow,” tenant Marie Hatcher said.

But this might be Hatch’s last spring with the garden.

“You should have seen it when it was beautiful,” Hatch said.

At 97 years old, Marie thought she would live out her final days in this home. But eviction notices don’t care about your age or income.

She received one earlier this year saying she had 60 days to move.

“Look at all this stuff I got. Where would I go? I don’t have (anybody) to go to,” Hatch said.

But Marie’s new attorney believes this grandmother have some hope.

“She had a promise,” attorney Nanci Nishimura said. “An oral agreement with the original landlady that Marie could stay here until she passed or until she didn’t want to live here anymore.” ... (To read the entire article, please click HERE)