CPM Investigating Sharp Corporation For False Advertising Of Their Televisions

Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy is currently investigating potential claims on behalf of consumers who purchased a Sharp television that may have been falsely advertised and which may not comply with federal safety regulations.  The false advertising may include the size of the picture, the brightness of the television and UL standards for certain televisions. 

Sharp Corporation has filed a lawsuit against Hisense Electric Company, which licensed the Sharp brand for televisions sold in the U.S., accusing Hisense of putting the Sharp brand name on poor-quality televisions and deceptively advertising them. 

The affected TV models include:  

 LC-32N4000U           LC-40N3000U            LC-40LB480U           LC-40N5000U

LC-43N4000U            LC-43N6100U            LC-43N610CU           LC-43N7000U

LC-50N3100U            LC-50N4000U            LC-50N5000U            LC-50N6000U

LC-50N7000U            LC-55LB481U           LC-55N4000U            LC-55N5300U

LC-55N6000U            LC-55N620CU           LC-55N7000U            LC-60N5100U

LC-60N6200U            LC-60N7000U            LC-65N5200U            LC-65N7000U

LC-65N9000U            LC-70N7lOOU           LC-75N620CU           LC-75N8000U

If you purchased a Sharp television with one of the above model numbers after January 2016, you may be impacted by our firm’s investigation.  If you would like to learn more about our investigation or have any questions, please contact Alexandra Summer by email at or by telephone at (650) 697-6000. Or by filling out this form