When Do I Need A Commercial Litigation Attorney?

What Is Commercial Litigation?

Commercial litigation is a type of legal dispute pertaining to businesses. Lawsuits may be brought by individuals or entities feeling they have incurred monetary damages due to a range of matters, including disputes about contracts, insurance, land, real estate, leases, debts, etc. Alternatives are available to avoid litigation. 

These are often referred to as alternative dispute resolution (ADR). The most common ADR is arbitration, where a neutral party hears both sides and makes a decision, which may or may not be binding. Mediation is another type of ADR, where a neutral mediator facilitates discussions and negotiations but does not make a final decision or provide legal advice.

Why Do I Need A Commercial Litigation Lawyer?

You should consider retaining a commercial litigation lawyer any time your business faces a significant legal issue–which is relatively common in today’s business environment. When it comes to commercial litigation, the financial stability, reputation, and future of your business may be at stake.

A Commercial Litigation Attorney Will Protect Your Business Interests

An attorney will rationally assess your case from an unbiased standpoint and determine all your options for protecting your business interests. A good one will be efficient–saving you money in the long run.

Get Experience On Your Side

Commercial litigation can be complex. A good attorney will know the ins and outs of cases like yours, so you need not worry about making procedural mistakes or missing deadlines. Your attorney should have the experience and resources to maximize the outcome for your business. Although each case is different, a firm’s case results can be informative. The attorney should have a good track record of obtaining favorable settlements and verdicts. You may want to consider a firm with multiple attorneys; this can give you access to more resources and a broader knowledge base.

When litigation looms, involving a good attorney early is critical–among other reasons–to coordinate evidence gathering, retain appropriate experts, and preserve relevant electronically-stored information. Although most lawsuits settle out of court, you want a confident litigator so that the opposition can’t push a settlement that’s not in your best interest. 

Make Sure You Follow Sound Advice

Looking at your overall situation, a good lawyer will know when it makes sense to go to court or get involved in a legal dispute, and when it doesn’t. They will help you decide what’s in your best interest every step of the way. It is important to map out a good initial strategy, understanding the different possible outcomes and probabilities.

Cotchett Pitre and McCarthy has decades of experience and a proven track record of success in commercial litigation. CPM understands the need to litigate cases in a cost-effective manner. Years of experience, well thought out strategies and strong execution of those strategies allow CPM to achieve excellent results for its clients without excessive costs.

For general information about CPM’s Commercial Litigation practice, see: https://www.cpmlegal.com/practices-Commercial-Litigation


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