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CPM Appointed Lead Counsel In Resistors Antitrust Class Action

On December 21, 2015, Judge Ronald M. Whyte of the Federal Court for the Northern District of California appointed Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy, LLP. (“CPM”) lead counsel for the indirect purchasers in a class action alleging that a number of companies illegally conspired to inflate the prices consumers and businesses paid for resistors. Read More ›

CPM is a Proud Volunteer of the 2nd Harvest Food Bank

CPM is a proud volunteer of the 2nd Harvest Food Bank.  Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties is the trusted leader dedicated to ending local hunger. Read More ›

CPM Files Lawsuit Against Costco to Stop Human Trafficking In its Supply Chain

On Wednesday, August 19, 2015, CPM and co-counsel Howard Law Firm and Jenkins Mulligan & Gabriel, LLP, filed a lawsuit against Costco, Chareon Pokphand (“CP”) Foods, PCL and C.P. Food Products, Inc. on behalf of consumer, Monica Sud and all others similarly situated. As described in the Complaint, Costco continues to knowingly purchase prawns from CP Foods—prawns that are directly tied to human trafficking and slave labor. As documented by the Guardian, the Associated Press and the Environmental Justice Foundation, CP Foods purchases fish meal, which  contains “trash fish,” farmed frequently from suppliers that own, operate or buy from pirate boats manned with slaves that catch the trash fish to use for fishmeal. CP Foods uses this trash fish to feed its prawns, which are then shipped to the U.S. and U.S. consumers.  Read More ›

Unanimous Jury Award for CPM Client

CPM attorneys Justin Berger and Eric Buescher completed a jury trial on August 5, 2015, winning a unanimous verdict awarding damages of half a million dollars on behalf of a local small business owner in a hotly disputed breach of contract case.  The lawsuit centered around a lease agreement for an advertising billboard owned by Defendant Ad-Way Signs that is located on the plaintiff’s property.  The plaintiff, CPM’s client, alleged that Ad-Way had failed to pay full rent according to the lease between the parties, believing that Ad-Way was delaying and underpaying rent in an attempt to leverage the small business owner into entering into long term lease that was more beneficial to Ad-Way.  CPM’s client never budged, relying on the legal protections provided to commercial landlords by Civil Code sections 827 and 1945 to prevail.  CPM often represents small business owners who are victimized by greed. Read More ›

Victim Blaming is Never Okay – CPM Agrees with Former Irish President on Problematic Coverage of Balcony Collapse Tragedy

On June 16, the same day as the balcony collapse in Berkeley killed six people and seriously injured at least seven others, the New York Times published a story on the tragedy under the headline “Deaths of Irish Students in Berkeley Balcony Collapse Cast Pall on Program.”  The “pall” is not on the victims of this tragedy, nor on a program that has allowed thousands of Irish citizens to spend a summer living in the U.S.  The “pall” is on whoever is at fault in constructing and maintaining a balcony that should never have collapsed, and on those who would blame a party atmosphere for the tragedy, and who would resort to stereotyping and underhanded victim blaming.   Read More ›

Balcony Collapse Litigation

Balcony and deck collapses are all too common – especially in the Bay Area.  Collapses occur through structural defects as well as through lax and deferred maintenance.  An example is the tragic balcony collapse that occurred at 12:41 a.m. on June 16, 2015 in Berkeley (Bay Area of California), which as of 9:00 a.m. had claimed six lives with many more victims in the hospital with major and life threatening injuries.  Most of the victims of this tragedy were Irish students spending their summer on work visas.   Read More ›

CPM Attorneys Niall McCarthy and Eric Buescher publish chapter on Financial Elder Abuse in “Inside the Minds: Elder Law Client Strategies in California”

Niall McCarthy and Eric Buescher recently published a chapter titled “Fighting Financial Elder Abuse in California” for the Thomson Reuters / Astapore Books publication, “Inside the Minds: Elder Law Client Strategies in California.”  The chapter describes the current state of financial elder abuse law in California and discusses strategies for plaintiffs to successfully prosecute civil financial elder abuse cases in a variety of contexts.   Read More ›

Anne Marie Murphy Selected by The Daily Journal as One of Top 100 Women Lawyers in California

Congratulations to Anne Marie Murphy for being selected by The Daily Journal as one of the Top 100 Women Lawyers in California. Read More ›

Nanci Nishimura Selected by White House to Represent Top 50 Asian Americans at Conference on Education and Entrepreneurship of Asian American Businesses

Nanci Nishimura has been selected by the White House to represent the Top 50 Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders at a White House Conference on Education and Entrepreneurship of Asian American businesses. Read More ›

CPM Attorney Chosen for CAOC 2015 Leadership Academy

CPM Attorney, Shauna R. Madison, has been chosen by the Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC) to participate in its 2015 Leadership Academy.  The purpose of the Leadership Academy, an initiative of CAOC's Diversity Committee through New Leaders Council (NLC), is to give CAOC members the skills and techniques needed to make them effective leaders in CAOC, their professional settings and in their communities. The Leadership Academy selects plaintiff trial lawyers representing various backgrounds and practice areas to attend three 2-day sessions. Each training session will assist participants in developing their leadership roles within CAOC and will address varying topics such as progressive entrepreneurship, lobbying and activism. Read More ›