Employment Law

CPM has long been recognized as one of the premier advocates for employees that have been subjected to violations of state and federal workplace laws.  CPM attorneys are trained and experienced to represent clients in a wide array of matters covering everything from wage and hour violations, discrimination in the workplace, overtime pay violations, meal and break violations, unreimbursed expenses, and the misuse of employee benefits. 

CPM has the resources to handle the largest cases, serving as lead counsel on behalf of thousands, as well as the dedication to fight for individuals who have been harmed by their employers.  So whether you have been the victim of workplace discrimination, been wrongfully terminated, or have not received compensation owed to you, CPM attorneys are ready and dedicated to help you fight against your current or former employer’s illegal practices. 


Avery v. Integrated Heatlhcare Holdings, Inc.
Orange County Superior Court
CPM is co-lead counsel in a class action lawsuit filed against the IHHI chain of hospitals in Southern California.  CPM represents Registered Nurses and Respiratory Therapists who were not paid overtime wages in accordance with state law.

Los Angeles Times / Zell
USDC Northern District of Illinois
CPM sucessfully represented current and former journalists of the Los Angeles Times in a lawsuit filed against Sam Zell, the Tribune Company and others for a breach of their fiduciary duties, violating ERISA, improper valuation and misuse of employee pension fund assets and conflicts of interest. Other allegations included that Tribune Company employees, who technically own the company through the Tribune ESOP, had been damaged by the go-private transaction and by the subsequent mismanagement and self-dealings of Tribune executives, including Sam Zell, the result of which had been to diminish the value and the products of the employee-owned company.  CPM received approval for a $32 million settlement for the employees' retirement plan.

Cynthia Sotelo, et al. v. MediaNews Group, Inc., et al.
Alameda County Superior Court
CPM represented a class of Hispanic newspaper carriers whose labor is exploited by the ANG Newspaper Group, a conglomerate news-media company.

In re: Wachovia Securities, LLC, Wage and Hour Litigation
CPM was designated co-Lead Plaintiffs’ Counsel by a federal judge in a collection of lawsuits against Wachovia Securities, LLC, on behalf of over 10,000 current and former stock brokers who were not paid in accordance with state and federal law.

In re: AXA Wage and Hour Litigation
CPM was appointed co-Lead Plaintiffs’ Counsel by a federal judge in a collection of lawsuits against the AXA family of insurance companies, on behalf of over 7,000 current and former financial sales representatives who were not paid in accordance with state and federal law.

Shriger v. Advanced Equities Inc. ("AEI") et al.
San Francisco County Superior Court
CPM represented an employee of a broker dealer in state court litigation over harassment and compensation claims. 

Sullivan v. Advanced Equities Inc. ("AEI")
FINRA Arbitration
CPM successfully represented an employee in FINRA arbitration.  The FINRA panel found that the employer had falsely accused the employee of violations of company policy and had fraudulently induced the employer to join the company.  Both compensatory and punitive damages were awarded.  This is one of many examples of cases CPM has handled before FINRA.