“The Cotchett firm has few peers that equal their ability in litigation. Their commitment to the cause of justice and their ethical standards stand apart. They are people who give back to the community and give lawyers a good name.”

— Judge of the Superior Court (Retired)

Firm Approach

The key to the success of the firm is its staff and innovative approach litigating complex matters in a cost effective and efficient manner. All too often, legal matters can draw out for years — but Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy, LLP consistently tackles this problem head-on with its teamwork approach to obtaining good and reasonable resolutions.  CPM only represents people or entities in cases involving just principle or causes.

Clients include individuals, corporations, for profit and non-profit, municipalities, cities, counties, public entities, pension funds, unions and representatives, banks, business people, doctors, professional people, policy holders, homeowners, shareholders and consumers.